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"We relocated to Watertown, MA from Wisconsin in the Spring of 2015. The home purchasing process in MA is very different than that of WI, added to which we were trying to purchase the home while still in WI which made it quite complex. Steve was amazing to work with. He was available to answer any question we had and to help with unforeseen issues such as when our close date got pushed back due to it being new construction. He really was there from beginning to end to help us navigate through the maze of paperwork and home purchase in a completely new state for us. We love our new home and are so thankful we found Steve to help us with the purchase. I would highly recommend Steve Winnick for legal services when purchasing a home. "

Katy Burnett

"Steve Thank you very much for the great job you did with our recent lawsuit. I had no reason to believe we would ever see a cent and you got us every dollar! Thank you for all of your efforts and the thorough job you did throughout the process. Best Regards,"

Joanne Vaul
Independent Expert Panel, LLC

" I was trapped in a legal nightmare, the stuff of a John Grisham novel. I am the CEO of a satellite communications business which operated through multiple corporate entities in the United States and abroad. I located an investor for capital to pay off a very large bank loan. The loan was secured by the assets of my entities, and I was personally liable as guarantor.

The terms negotiated by me required that the bank loan be paid off by the investor; that I be released entirely on my personal guaranty to the bank, and also have no personal obligation to the investor; and that a lawsuit brought by the bank to enforce the loan be dismissed against me personally, as well as my corporate entities. Lastly, that an attachment lien put on my home be discharged.

I was relieved when the deal went through, the loan was paid off, and the attachment on my home was discharged. Then to my horror, more than four years later I learned that due to a clerical error at the court the lawsuit was not dismissed; that the investor was now suing me to collect the money it paid the bank; and the investor was using the same lawyers who represented the bank to sue me. I tried to explain to the judge that I was released and the case should have been dismissed four years ago. But the judge said the facts were now too unclear for the case to be dismissed. So the case was going to drag on, possibly to a full trial, and in the end I might have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars that I didnt owe.

That is when I contacted Steve Winnick. Steve had represented me in other litigation matters. He is smart, tough and practical in how he works, efficient and fair in how he bills. Steve cut quickly through this legal mess and got right to the bottom of it, developing the necessary proof to show that the lawsuit was bogus. He tried first to reason with the investor's big firm lawyers, but they would not back off. Thats when Steve took off the gloves and went straight at them, filing a motion to have them disqualified from the case. They folded their tent right after that without filing an opposition, and the court dismissed the case, with prejudice.

I trust Steve implicitly and recommend him highly for any kind of business representation or litigation. "

– Dan Swartz                
VIDEOCOM Brasil, Ltda.

" Steve, Wanted to share my thoughts after our multi-year siege to collect a long overdue payment for our Independent Expert Panel consulting services from our erstwhile client. Your constancy, expertise and matter-of-fact handling of the myriad details involving multiple attorneys, courts, depositions, motions and detailed strategy were really quote remarkable. As a former NJ Health System CEO, I have endured a fair share of legal tangles and your steadfast performance under trying circumstances on this engagement was professional and most importantly, effective. Thanks for your diligence. I can only admire your efforts on our behalf. "

– Jack DeCerce FACHE.

"My son was in a car accident and suffered a catastrophic injury. My wife and I didn’t know what to do or where to turn for legal help. A friend of the family recommended Steve Winnick. Although there was much to do dealing with insurance companies, medical bills and liens, right from the beginning of our relationship Steve and his team stepped-up and took over all legal responsibility on our behalf, which also included Herculean efforts negotiating to ensure we received the highest possible automobile and personal liability insurance settlements. Steve also made it a point to meet us at our convenience so my wife and I could focus our efforts on our son. While we started out on a professional relationship it has grown into a friendship. Steve represented us like a caring family member would and my wife and I appreciate and will never forget that."

– Ken Meaden, Sr.

“More than 30 years ago, I went to a physician geneticist to ascertain whether I was a carrier for a genetic disorder that ran in my family. We hoped to avoid inflicting on any children the challenges and difficulties that can accompany this disorder and were relieved when told I was not a carrier. Our second child was born with the full syndrome, and the more we looked into it, we realized that I had not been given even the minimal testing that would meet the appropriate standard of care for the time. A friend recommended Steve Winnick’s firm to represent us and our son. We knew from the first interview that Steve Winnick and Rob Sullivan would make our case their priority. They handled our issues with grace and kindness, and gave us the emotional support we needed at times to confront a challenging issue. They were persistent in the face of obstacles, very thorough and professional, and truly dedicated themselves to helping us receive the best settlement possible so that we could meet our son’s medical needs well into the future. It has been 17 years since Steve Winnick and Rob Sullivan won our verdict for us, and we still stay in contact as we remain grateful for their caring and commitment to us as a family."

–Amy Thomas (formerly Amy Viccaro)

"Having had few legal needs in the past, I had no connections, nor did I have any idea of where to turn for help. I made a few calls to advertised legal firms that left me feeling like shark bait. The stress of finding the right person was greater than I ever would have thought, realizing that this one decision would have enormous impact upon the rest of my life. Then a friend told me of her positive experience with Steve Winnick, so I decided to give his office a call.
I noted an immediate sense of comfort following our initial meeting. Steve and his partner Rob have the human qualities that inspired in me a sense of personal security, and I made the decision to go with them. My faith in Steve and Rob was rewarded with an extremely professional and thorough case. At no time did they leave me hanging or give my situation less than 100% of their effort. The settlement which we received was, in my opinion, the maximum possible, and it was done quickly and caringly. I am very appreciative of the way Steve and Rob handled what was a very difficult situation for me."

– Louis Sparanges, D.M.D.

"Steve Winnick represented me in my divorce. My ex-wife is an attorney herself and was represented by a litigious divorce attorney. Throughout the protracted divorce proceedings Steve was knowledgeable and compassionate, an attorney with heart and soul, as well as brains. He had the wisdom and experience to know when to fight and when to let go. He was my personal “Super Hero”, protecting me at every turn from evil, and helping me obtain the best outcome under crushing emotional and financial circumstances. Steve was recommended to me by a dear friend and I recommend him to you highly. "

–Dick Syatt, former WRKO and WBZ Radio Talk Show host.

“I am a building contractor and real estate developer. A lawsuit was brought against me six years after I was forced to terminate a renovation project due to nonpayment and obstruction of the work by the homeowner. I interviewed four attorneys before hiring Steve Winnick. I hired Steve because he was the only lawyer who quickly came up with a clear and concise battle plan of how to defend this frivolous lawsuit. Steve won my case at trial after four years of litigation, including an affirmative judgment in my favor for all of the money I was owed. Then the owner filed two appeals from the judgment in my favor, the second appeal to the Massachusetts Appeals Court. To make it affordable to enforce the judgment, Steve handled both of the appeals on a contingent fee basis, and he won them both, including an award of attorneys fees. Now I am being paid the entire judgment amount plus interest, costs and attorneys fees. Steve is a straight shooter and a no nonsense guy, with lots of clear ideas on how to win after he studies your case. I would definitely recommend him for construction litigation.”

– Walter Ferme, Cogefit Ltd.







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